Travel Photography Workshop - SCI Photo Club

Meeting information

Tuesday 20. Feb Kl. 10:00 - 12:00

Location: Rosenkildehuset

Registration deadline: 19. Feb Kl. 12:00

20 Feb

Travel Photography Workshop - SCI Photo Club

Every year you travel to all those wonderful places with your friends and family and you are mesmerized by what you see in front of you. You take photos of everything, trying to preserve that special moment. However, when you are back at home looking at your images they look nothing like the reality and the feeling you had there.

If you feel that is your experience, and you want to learn some very useful tricks to create matching memories with your camera as the experience you are having, professional portrait photographer Guillem Cheung will guide you trough it.
Join us on the 20th of February for the Travel photography workshop! For more information about Guillem's work, visit his website:

Your name, email address and company connection is the only thing needed to register. Press any letter or number in the PO/ field to complete the registration. All attendees will receive a separate confirmation email with all the practical details ahead of the day.

For more information, please contact Randi Mannsåker.
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