ACTIVE 2018 - Cycling Hafrsfjord

Meeting information

Sunday 27. May Kl. 10:00 - 13:00

Location: Hafrsfjord

Registration deadline: 25. May Kl. 12:00

27 May

ACTIVE 2018 - Cycling Hafrsfjord

One of the regions nicest bike trails around a historic landscape!

Historically Hafrsfjord is known for its the great naval battle of 872 which resulted in the unity of Norway into one kingdom. The battle paved the way for King Harald "Fairhair" to gain control over most of the western coast of Norway and rightly call himself the first king of Norway.

In 1983 a monument by Norwegian sculptor and artist Fritz Røed was raised in Møllebukta at the northernmost end Hafrsfjord. The monument is called Sverd i Fjell (Swords in Rock) and represents the Battle of Hafrsfjord.

Beyond the historic qualities of Hafrsfjord the area is also a beautiful place. A bike trail has been built along the shoreline, and we'll enjoy this unique ride from the comfort of our bikes. The ride is doable for all levels of fitness and age. We'll take it nice and easy.

This event is free of charge, and Andrei Sandulache will be your guide.

Your name and email address is the only thing needed to register. Press any letter/ number in the PO/ref.no field to complete the registration. All attendees will receive a separate confirmation email with all the practical details ahead of the day.

For more information contact Andrei.

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