Active 2019! Kayaking for the first time!

Meeting information

Tuesday 04. Jun Kl. 17:30 - 20:30

Location: Stavanger Kayak Club, Hundvåg

Registration deadline: 04. Jun Kl. 15:00

04 Jun

Active 2019! Kayaking for the first time!

Stavanger Kayak CLub offers an introduction to kayaking and a recipe for pure fun at their facilities at Hundvåg.

Throughout the session we will focus on basic techniques, important safety points and having fun with a new activity. This event will take place at Stavanger Kayak Club´s facilities at Kisteneset at Hundvåg.

Stavanger Kayak Club will borrow you a lifewest.  You need to bring ordinary warm clothing, waterproof sandals or shoes. It's also a good idea to bring a bottle of water and an energy bar etc.  (we will forward some more details upon the event).

17.30 Introduction to safety and technique, and useful information about nice places for kayaking in the future, by Trine Nilssen.
18.30 Preparing kayaks and dressing up in wetsuits.
19.00 Paddling -  eight kayaks at the time, one instructor pr person, and rest of us are busy helping out (and taking photos).
20.30 Cleaning kayaks and wetsuits. 

For more information about Stavanger Kayak Club, please look at their Website

We will forward  more practical informatiom incl a participant list two days prior to event.  Number of participants are  limited, due to number of kayaks and instructors available. 

This event is free of charge. Your name, email address and company connection is the only thing needed to register. Press any letter or number in the PO/ field to complete the registration. All attendees will receive a separate confirmation email with all the practical details ahead of the day.

For more information, please contact

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