Meeting information

Wednesday 13. Mar Kl. 18:00 - 20:00

Location: Sørmarka Arena

Register: kr 185

: kr 185

Registration deadline: 06. Mar Kl. 12:00

13 Mar


Want to try out curling?

Curling is a fun team sport with a great social component. Curling is one of the few sports that can be practiced for a lifetime regardless of the age, sex and physical condition.

At this event you will learn the basics of curling. No prior knowledge required.

Bring a helmet to be on the safe side. Dress warmly, including gloves.

Price 185,- pp. (includes entrance and necessary equipment).

Creditcard only!!

Joan Peel Hansen is the hostess this evening. 

Please contact Elianne Strøm Topstad, Stavanger Chamber, if you have questions.

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