Taking care of contemporary history

Not many people have taken care of their own contemporary history like Daniel Øvstebø (75).

When you´ve lived a long adventurous life, there´s a lot to convey. When you drive county road 45 through Dirdal – after putting the fjord behind you – you pass a 116-year-old church and a large white brick building on the left-hand side.

Locals call the building Strikkeriet or Dirdal Strikkevarefabrikk (Dirdal knitting factory), and this building contains such a treasure it would move museum directors to tears. Daniel Øvstebø has spent a lifetime collecting the treasures that span over four floors and several hundred square metres. Amongst the treasures you will find trucks, T-fords, mopeds, boats, shop interiors, furniture, clothes, pictures and documents from the 20th century.

It´s all about society and prosperity, industry, daily life, technology and the consumer society – and last but not least the war history, which was very dramatic for people in Dirdal.

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