Lervigs growth internationally

From Hillevåg to some of the world’s largest beer festivals.

Lervig has become the brewery gaining international notoriety and is now exporting half of its production.

In the filling hall there is a quote on the wall “we are going to brew the world’s best beer”. The quote has been there since 2005 when Lervig filled its first bottles of beer. For a while this was far from the truth as the new brewery had a tough time getting into the market, but as of 2010 the ball got rolling.

Mike Murphy, an American, started as brewmaster and has made Lervig an International success.
– the quote is quite funny as in the beginning even the locals didn´t want to drink our beer, but it´s slowly becoming more truthful. We strive to better the quality of beer every day, that is why we´re here, says CEO Anders Heide Kleinstrup.

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