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Svein Morten Bjustveit and Gunn Helen Gilje at MDE Consultants are supplying oil-companies with skilled personnel. They are now experiencing a substantial increase in demand for their services.

Labour market on the rise

All analysis and reports on developments in the local labour market point in the same direction: Upwards. This means new opportunities also for our international workforce.

After having suffered badly from the sharp drop in the oil-price in 2014, our regional economy is now recovering at a high speed. Surveys conducted by both our largest local bank, SpareBank 1 SR-Bank, and among members of The Stavanger Chamber of Commerce, point in the same direction: Unemployment is down, investments, profitability and economic optimism in general, is up.

Oil is hot again
The regional economic upturn applies to all sectors, but for obvious reasons the impact of the recovery is particularly strong in the oil and gas sector. Here companies, big and small, are hiring.

In some areas employers are already facing shortages of personnel with the appropriate competence, a development which will open doors also for our international workforce.

Svein Morten Bjustveit is CEO of MDE Concultans. MDE is a Stavanger-based company supplying companies in the oil-industry with personnel based on contracts, normally on a time horizon from one to three years. The company offers personnel in areas like technical support, project support, QHSE and risk management. The atmosphere at MDE´s office at Forus co-relates closely with the industry in general; busy and optimistic.
– We have obviously had a few tough years since 2014, but now we clearly experience an increase in demand for personnel we offer clients like Equinor, Rosenberg Worley Parsons and other companies. Already we can see signs that the supply of skilled personnel from the local labour market is drying up. This means that we, to a larger extent, have to look for personnel outside Norway, Bjustveit says.

Outside Norway, MDE Consultants is today represented in countries like Singapore, South Korea and the UK.

Stavanger-region more attractive
For highly understandable reasons living and working in the Stavanger-region has been less attractive for foreigners the last years. Our currency has been weak, rates have been low and housing costs have been high.
– This picture is changing. The labour market is tightening, rates and wages are up, and housing has become more affordable. The Stavanger-region is becoming more attractive. There is no doubt that we gradually will recruit more personnel from abroad in the months ahead, Svein Morten Bjustveit concludes.


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