From the SCI-team!

September is one of the busiest months during the year for The Stavanger Chamber of Commerce. Lots of meetings and seminars, and a lot of fun!

The evenings might get darker, but the labour market is getting brighter. Unemployment rates keep shrinking, and for those of you looking for employment, opportunities are improving. We had a good group attending our CV-registration course last week, and there will be other labour market-related activities the coming weeks. Check out our events HERE.

Monday September 9th we have nationwide local elections in Norway. This means that the seats for all mayors, and all local politicians are “up for grabs”. The outcome is obviously of importance also for Stavanger Chamber International. Stay tuned!

During the last months many new newcomers have arrived to the Stavanger region. Some for work, some as students, and some as spouses/family members. We will do our very best in order to help them feel welcome. We are sure those of you who have been here for a while, will do the same!

Best wishes from the SCI-team!

Inger Tone, Randi, Elianne and Frode.


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  • What's On

    01. Oct 2019
    Here you can find an overview of the webpages where all the events happening in the Stavanger region are posted! Go on, get busy exploring!
  • Sport and Outdoors

    01. Oct 2019
    The Stavanger region offers majestic fjords, beaches and an impressive mountain landscape. Here you also find some of the most popular natural tourist attractions in the country such as Kjerag and the Pulpit Rock. Accessibility is the key word, as this region is one of few places where you can experience a snow peaked mountaintop and a walk on the beach within a couple of hours.
  • Inconsistent traffic count at Nord Jæren

    03. Oct 2019
    Throughout the autumn of 2018 several traffic counting units were installed around Nord-Jæren. Since then the units have been counting cars without anyone checking that the numbers are correct.
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    03. Oct 2019
    Vísindi Stavanger was established during the financial crisis and celebrated ten years of executive recruitment in September.
  • Massive shifts in the job market

    03. Oct 2019
    Once again, Rogaland is on the way to the top of employment rates in Norway.
  • Land Value halved by new Forus plan

    03. Oct 2019
    The value of the plots of land belonging to Forus Næringspark AS will be halved in the new suggested zoning plan for Forus.
  • Brexit Comes to Therapy: The Psychological Impact of Brexit on Expats

    03. Oct 2019
    Since the 23rd of June 2016, when the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union after more than 40 years of membership, I have been watching the drama that is Brexit unfold with both interest and incredulity.