Greetings from the SCI Team!

March has been an exiting month. Meetings and events have varied from cross country skiing, tax, job search and curling.

Many of you joined us at Viking SR-Bank Arena for a fun afternoon together with our local football club. Great people and a great match. As always we are delighted about the enthusiasm and the engagement you demonstrate at our events.

We hope to see you around this month too. Check out some of our upcoming events:

04 APR Taxation seminar
05 APR Face2Face job search: IKT and engineering
10 APR Diversity and Innovation
24 APR Spouse network program - Visit Viking Urt Herb Farm
24 APR Visit ONS! 
25 APR New in Town

For more details check our calendar. 

Easter is coming up and with that; Easter vacation. Did you know that Norway has the world’s longest Easter holiday? The last day for schools (and some businesses) is the Friday prior to Palm Sunday. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday after Palm Sunday are normal working days for many, however many use the opportunity to take these days off as well.

Three Easter Fun Facts:

1. The Easter egg! Easter would not be the same without chocolate and candy. Candy sales go up approximately 32% over this holiday. Kvikk Lunsj, oranges and Solo seem to be popular choices for a snack on the slopes or at home during this time. Marzipan is very very popular at this time.

2. Crime season! Norwegians, Easter and crime go together. Reading crime books and watching "påskekrim" is uniquely Norwegian, but how did it arise? Many believe it probably began with an advertisement that Gyldendal Publishing House ran during Easter in 1923. The advertisement, which resembled a regular news item, was published on the front page of Aftenposten titled “Bergenstoget Plyndret I Natt” (Bergen Train Looted in the Night). The text advertised the new crime thriller of Nordahl Grieg and Nils Lie. The book sold well – it was clear that people liked the idea of reading crime during Easter.

3. The chicken or the egg! On Easter Sunday, breakfast for many families usually includes egg – boiled, scrambled, fried. The boiled eggs are often dyed or painted before eating.

Have a Happy Easter and enjoy the experience of the Norwegian Easter, especially if this is your first one!

Warm greetings from the SCI Team!

Inger Tone, Randi, Elianne, and Frode.


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