mai jazz 2019

From the SCI team

October is behind us, and with it one of the most debated topics in our region - the new tollroad system. If you´ve wondered what the money will be used for here are some anwsers for you: Over 30 billion kroner will be used to make
  • A new cyclepath between  Stavanger, Forus and Sandnes.
  • A bus lane from Stavanger city centre to Sandnes city centre  via Forus Vest and the airport.
  • A seperate lane for large goods vehicles and trucks from Sola to Risavika and Sundekrossen.
  • A four lane motorway on the E39 from Tasta to Randaberg
  • A four lane motorway on the E39 from Hove in Sandnes to Ålgård
  • A new buslane from Sandnes to Vatnekrossen
On another topic,  we´re back onto Greenwich mean time and November brings with it long and dark nights. Even though temperatures rarely go below freezing it feels colder due to the wind chill factor. Dressing correctly is important. Use wool, not polyester or cotton. Wear a beanie and protect yourself from getting wet. Frostbite is not far away if you´ve forgotten to put gloves on. Remember to always have reflectors on jackets, backpacks, prams and bags if out and about in the dark. If you´re out walking the dog, remember to put reflectors on collars and leash.

Check out our ´Whats on´ section and have a great November. Make the most of the crisp clear sunny days.

Greetings from the SCI team, Randi and Inger Tone and all the wonderful volunteers.

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