From the SCI Team

It´s September and autumn is here.

Autumn in Norway is a remarkably beautiful season. The forests will be coloured in various shades of gold, purple and orange.  Nothing beats walking in the mountains and forests this time of year as the scenery is stunning. Remember there is still an opportunity to pick mushrooms in September. At the Arboretum in Sandnes the mushroom society  gives advice and checks that the mushrooms  you have picked are edible. This happens  every Sunday until Oct 1st at 14:00-16:00. 

Luckily September still offers some lovely sunny days, so make the most of these as we´re entering the wettest season of the year. You will have noticed  the rapidly shortening days, especially noticeable in the evenings. Going from seemingly endless summer days to the long dark cold wet days of winter can be challenging. Proper clothing is important. Wind- and rainproof outer clothing is a must. Dress in several layers of thin wool.  It´s more comfortable than wearing one big woolen sweater and makes controlling your temperature easier. Wool, as oppposed to cotton, will provide insulation when wet, providing you with some much-needed warmth if you’ve been caught out in the rain. You will also need wellington boots for this season.

We want to ward of those pesky germs that tend to pop up in autumn, so to avoid cold and flu it´s a good idea to start with Møllers Tran, our trusted omega-3 from fish with vitamins D, A and E. Comes in capsules and liquid (the lemon tasting one is best) We have an old rule that says we should take tran in all months with R in it, so from September through to April, however it is a good idea to take tran in the summer months as well, as we don´t always have the most amount of sunny days in Norway.

We hope you have time to join us for hikes and activities in September. Look at our activity calendar for the upcoming events. We look forward to a funfilled, busy autumn together with you.

Greetings from the SCI team Inger Tone, Randi and all the wonderful volunteers.


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