From the SCI team

Summer has been amazing!!! Are you ready for the next season?

Welcome back to a new semester to everyone, and a special welcome to those of you who recently choose the Stavanger region as your new home. We are pleased to have you!

Stavanger Chamber International is a support program run by the Stavanger Chamber of Commerce. Our goal is to assist new assignees and their families in adapting to Norwegian life in the best possible way. By providing the right support in the early stages of relocation, both assignee and company will benefit greatly. The Stavanger Chamber of Commerce offers a membership in SCI for all its Chamber members.

We know from experience that moving requires a lot of energy, and the first months could be kind of lonely. That´s why it is so important getting involved in the local community from the very beginning.
SCI offers lots of different events every month, and we distribute information on our Stavanger Chamber International Facebook page. Everyone’s welcome to sign up and follow us. We share information about the SCI events, as well as local festivals, exhibitions, concerts and more. We want you all to be active members of the community, meet new friends and feel ”at home” in Stavanger.

We start the semester with a ”New in town” event August 22nd at 19.00, and from there we have events more or less every week. We believe that ”busy people are happy people”. When you get to know the region, you will learn that the number of activities offered are many. This fall, SCI will introduce you to events at the Concert House, The Research Week, the literature festival at Sølvberget as well as activities connected to studying, living, and working in the Stavanger region.

ONS, the bi-annual energy conference and exhibition, will take place in the last week of August, attracting people world-wide. We really recommend everyone to visit ONS to learn more about Stavanger as an energy hub. Futhermore, the ONS comes with a festival taking place in Vågen and there’s a free Aurora-concert August 30th. Everyone welcome!

We listen to our newcomers, so please share any ideas you have for future events. We look forward to meeting you all soon; newcomers and the international network in general.
Please let us know if you have any questions.

All the best from the Stavanger International team.

Annonse for Widerøe

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