From the INN Team

December is just around the corner, and many of us are preparing for Christmas and New Year. Lots of people are travelling and others are awaiting guests for the holiday season. Regardless of religion or politics, the end of a year and the beginning of another is celebrated with friends and family. Common for all of us is the contemplating and planning of what the new year will entail. This is also the case for INN.


INN will change its name to Stavanger Chamber International from January 1st. INN is the umbrella organization coordinating all of Stavanger Chambers English activities. We are very proud of our English program, and privileged to have met so many newcomers to our region. The Chamber of Commerce is an internationally recognized organization, providing meetings and networking opportunities. Our goal is to include even more people in regional matters, and by changing our name from INN to Stavanger Chamber International we hope that even more people will discover our English program.


Stavanger Chamber of Commerce is Norway’s largest chamber organization, with over 2000-member companies. By providing more business-related meetings in English, there will be an opportunity for business leaders to meet, regardless of nationality. Connecting the already large international network, with 181 nationalities in the region, will be a huge advantage.


The English program has been around for 11 years and we have met many wonderful people. Some have been here for a long time and some are new to the region, but we want everyone to feel that they are part of a growing international region. Therefore, it is important for us to focus on attracting global talents and including people in regional development.


The Chamber will still have two homepages, one in Norwegian and one in English, however they will be closely linked. includes all business events as well as the Chamber related information in Norwegian, while is focusing on the English activity program: events calendar, practical information for different topics, "Living and Working in the Stavanger area" online book, ´Area Orientation´ and ´Living and Working in the Stavanger region´ courses and many others. During December we’ll work on updating all the elements related with the new concept: the website and Facebook page. Our monthly newsletter will be altered, with current monthly information being available online.


In 2018 you will experience more English meetings related to Leadership, Labour Laws, the Work Environment in Norwegian companies and other business-related events. We see that there is a growing trend in bringing people in to work on shorter contracts. To meet these changes, we have implemented a shorter course day related to the working culture in Norway, to provide information in order to avoid most misunderstandings and frustrations while working in Norway.



Our information book ´Living and working in the Stavanger-region´ is also being updated and a new online version will be available in the new year.



Who can join our events?

Stavanger Chamber is a non-profit organization. We are able to provide meetings and activities through our membership fees. Companies with a Stavanger Chamber International Membership will be able to provide their employees and families with free events, however people who attend our events from Non-Member companies will have to pay a fee to attend our English meetings and events from January 1st 2018.


With over 200 meetings in Norwegian and English we are the region’s largest competence and networking provider, and it is important that participants promote the importance of having this kind of arena.


Thank you to all of you that have attended our events and welcome to a new concept which we hope will include many more, also attracting Norwegians. It´s all about respect and compromise, and as a region we have a mutual responsibility to create a ´We´ culture in order to ensure progress and success for the region.


Randi, Inger Tone and all our volunteers thank everyone who has cooperated with us in providing meetings and activities for the English-speaking program. As part of the new concept all 14 employees at the Chamber will be part of Stavanger Chamber International proving meetings in both English and Norwegian. 


We wish you all a wonderful December and happy holidays.


Look forward to seeing you in 2018.



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