Flavour in every single drop

With its pure, locally produced ingredients and the best flavour in the world, Safteriet is hoping to conquer the Norwegian café and restaurant market.

- Pronounced blueberry flavor, and a little sweet. Too sweet for my taste. Steinar Aanestad takes alternate sips from a newly-bottled blueberry drink and from a bottle produced using an old recipe. The blueberry drink has been slightly lacking in flavour recently, so they have altered the original recipe in order to bring out the very best of the flavour in the latest delivery of berries.

Many people associate Safteriet with Ullandhaug and the Ullandhaug Organic Farm. However, in 2011 Safteriet branched out to become a separate and privately-owned company. By 2018, it had outgrown the barn at Ullandhaug and moved to Hillevåg.

-Space was really tight at Ullandhaug, we had an outdoor storage facility at Storhaug and our berries were in a frozen storage facility in Tananger. Now that we have everything in one place, our logistics and capacity are greatly improved, explains General Manager Elin Hafsøe.

The premises in Hillevågsveien are new, larger and better suited to the purpose. A brand-new bottle filling plant and production equipment have also been installed. Output has already been multiplied, and even though Safteriet is already currently producing 400,000 bottles a year, the company’s capacity will be far greater in the future.


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