Fair play

Fred Sherling (57) is Project Manager of uropatruljen, a patrol geared towards fighting ´cash in hand´ operated workers and companies. Fred wants fair play in the building and construction industry, as well as on the building sites.

This autumn Sherling finishes a long career within the police force to become Project Manager of the new patrol, and it´s the values of justice and fair play that drives him. Justice for exploited workers, and fair play in a market where those who run a serious professional business have had to watch while criminals and less serious companies have secured work by offering ´cash in hand´ projects while ignoring laws and values most others live by in a well-functioning society.

The patrols main goal is to uncover work related crime, and illegal construction. It´s the craftsmen resource group in Næringsforeningen together with LO Rogaland who have initiated the establishment of the patrol.


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