A Buzzing International Stavanger in 2019!

We are rapidly approaching 2019. For The Stavanger Chamber International this will be one of the most active and exciting years for a long time!

Following the sharp drop of the oil price in 2014, The Stavanger Region has been through a tough economic recession. However, strong recovery of the oil price combined with a more competetive industry in general, have turned the tide. The regional economy is growing, and unemployment figures are down to 3%. Demand for skilled labour in areas like oil and gas, renewable energy, ICT, tourism and other service industries is increasing steadily.

This strong economic recovery obviously increases demand for international labour as well. The Stavanger Chamber International (SCI) is already hosting the largest international business network in the Stavanger Region, and the much improved labour market means that we are in for a very active year in 2019.

SCI really want to play a role in enhancing Stapanger´s role as the most attractive region in Norway for expats, spouses, families and for international students. Based on this, we are planning a wide range of activities for next year:

Meetings and seminars
We will offer a comprehensive menu of meetings which will help you adapt to our political and legal system. Ranging from «Politics in Norway» (there will be local elections all over Norway next September), to «Entrepreneurship», «CV-registration» and «Taxation seminar».

Social and cultural activities
Stavanger Chamber International is a comprehensive support program. The goal is to assist new assignees and their families in adapting to Norwegian life. By providing the right support in the early stages of relocating, both assignee and company will benefit greatly.

The SCI Living and Working Orientation program is a vital part of our menu.This is a full-day course for newcomers to Rogaland.
This program emphasizes practical information about living and working in Norway, and cross-cultural training in the Norwegian context. Topics covered in detail include history, politics, culture, Norwegian characteristics, safety, and transportation. Participants take a tour of Stavanger learning about all the most practical places in their daily life. Also included in the class are maps, regional brochures, and the SCI Information Guide.

New in the Stavanger Region
New in the Stavanger Region is a guide-book providing extensive practical information on how to «maneuver» as a foreigner in Stavanger. Here you will find useful facts on legal matters, public services, welfare, sports, leisure and a lot of other tings. The guide is currently being updated and is available free of charge on our website:

Under 37 Network
Our active «Under 37 Group» is launching a new network in March. The purpose being to create a meeting place for Norwegian and International professionals and students under the age of 37. The group will organize social gatherings and events, sharing cross-border and cross-cultural competence and experiences.

For updated information on our international activities, meetings and seminars, see:

Photo: Highly motivated participants enjoying Area Orientation Day at the Stavanger Chamber International. From left: Randi Mannsåker (SCI), Peter Adams (Australia), Kylie Adams (Australia), Hadi Zahamatkesh (Iran), Bushra Hejraty Namin (Iran), Payam Allahvirdizadeh (Iran) and Samira Allahvirdizadeh (Iran).


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