Frogner House

Stavanger Chamber of Commerce
Tlf: 51 51 08 80

Street address:
Strandkaien 6
4005 Stavanger

Postal address:
PB 182
4001 Stavanger

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday 08.00-16.00

Press contact:
Egil Hollund, Communication Manager
Tlf: +47 992 93 700
Chamber committees and political work:
Anne Woie, Policy Manager
Tlf: +47 995 12 623
Marketing and sales:
Randi Mannsåker, Project Manager
Tlf: +47 464 12 959
Randi Mannsåker, Project Manager
Tlf: +47 464 12 959
Rosenkildehuset and rental enquiries:
Øystein Dahl Andersen, Operations Manager
Tlf: +47 481 79 770
Stavanger Chamber International:
Randi Mannsåker, Project Manager
Tlf: +47 464 12 959

For questions about meetings and conferences, please contact the chamber on our main phone line. Alternatively take direct contact with the person responsible for each meeting (contact information is found under each meeting in the calendar)! Tips on meeting topics is to be submitted via web form here!

CLICK HERE for a list of all employees at the chamber of commerce!