Certificates of Origin

A number of importing countries require certification of export documents to their country via a Chamber of Commerce before the documents are seen as valid. The Stavanger Chamber of Commerce and Industry sign and certify such documents.

The most common documents required for certification from the Chamber of Commerce are :

• Certificate of Origin form (L501)
• Invoice/pro forma Invoice
• Contracts, Agent Agreements and Declarations

Members of the Stavanger Chamber of Commerce receive a discount on the certification of all exporting documents.

Prices from January 1st 2019:
Certification of exporting documents for members (regardless of value): NOK 750,- per document. (Electronic document NOK 700,- per document)
Certification of exporting documents for non-members (regardless of value): NOK 1080,- per document. Electronic NOK 980,- per document)

Prices are excluesive of value added tax.