mai jazz 2019

Previous meetings

19 Mar

Taxation seminar

At 18:30- 21:00
An introduction to the Norwegian tax system and filling out the tax return.
14 Mar

Visit Stavanger City Impact District!

At 18:00- 19:30
The Stavanger City Impact District is the most advanced project in Norway for public-private partnership in order to create an attractive city centre. Come and be updated, and come join us for a tour!
14 Mar

Face2Face job search

At 12:00- 15:00
Face2Face job search and speed dating will take place together with NAV and several recruitment agencies.
13 Mar


At 18:00- 20:00
Want to try out curling?
12 Mar

Outdoor life in our heart!

At 18:30- 20:30
Spending time outdoors, where nature is like a balm for body and soul, increases your energy!
10 Mar

Cross-country skiing for real! (adults)

At 8:00- 18:00
Outdoors all day! If you enjoyed the basic skiing day for beginners, you might join us for this tour.
09 Mar

Cross- country skiing for beginners (adults)

At 8:00- 18:00
Please join us on a fun day in the slopes. This event is meant for newcomers who would like to try skiing for the first time.
05 Mar

New as a manager in Norway

At 18:30- 21:00
Main rules you should be aware of in the Norwegian workplace.
21 Feb

Property- buying or renting?

At 18:00- 19:30

For anyone staying in the Stavanger Region for a shorter or longer period, basic knowledge of the Norwegian housing market is essential. At this meeting we will provide you with useful information on how the Norwegian housing market works. 

20 Feb

Spouse network program: Interior

At 10:00- 12:00
Creating a new home in a new culture depends on culture, climate and maybe new traditions?
19 Feb

Ice skating

At 17:00- 19:00
Join us on a fun afternoon on the ice.
18 Feb

Gladmat: Norway´s biggest food festival in Stavanger

At 19:00- 21:00
250,000 foodies, families and chefs from all over the world gather in Stavanger every July. Do you have a food product or a concept you want to show off, or maybe you would like to join the volunteer team?
13 Feb

Labour marked update and interview technique

At 9:00- 11:00
Are you new in town and looking for a job? If so, this event is for you!
07 Feb

New in town?

At 19:00- 21:30

This is a "Welcome to the Stavanger-region" event for all newcomers. The event is part of our Global Competence and Mobility program.


06 Feb

Vist Atea- The Smartest Building in the World?

At 18:00- 19:30
The ICT-company Atea has recently moved into a new building just besides Stavanger Airport. The building is probably the smartest in the world. Come and join us for a visit!
05 Feb

Ladies night: Figure Skating

At 17:15- 19:00
"Bambi on ice" (Disney), and this evening that´s us!  This event is the opposite of a championship, just an event to make sure we are able to laugh and have fun doing a new activity.
03 Feb

X - country skiing for beginners - family: Fully booked

At 8:00- 19:00
02 Feb

X - country skiing for beginners - adults

At 8:00- 19:00
Join us on a fun day in the slopes.
24 Jan


At 17:00- 20:00
Want to try out curling?
22 Jan

Make your voice heard!

At 18:30- 21:00
In September 2019 Stavanger, and all the other municipalities in Norway, will arrange elections. Come and be updated and take part in the discussions on the future of Stavanger.
16 Jan

Spouse program launch

At 10:00- 13:00

Attention!  Important message to all newcomers!

Ensuring a warm welcome to those moving to the  Stavanger region for work reasons or otherwise - whether it be for six months, six years or a lifetime - is central to the role of Stavanger Chamber International. We work closely with companies, international schools and all major organisations and institutions in our city, which is currently the proud host to no less than 181 nationalities!

13 Jan

X - Country skiing for beginners - family

At 8:00- 19:00
This event is fully booked. Please check out our event in February here. 
12 Jan

X - Country skiing for beginners - adults - FULLY BOOKED

At 8:00- 19:00
This event are now fully booked. Check out our event in February here.