Our Mission

The Stavanger Chamber of Commerce and Industry has chosen to focus work on six strategic projects during the next four years from 2016 to 2020. These are Infrastructure, Compentance, Preferred living conditions , The boundaryless region, Energy and New Possibilities. Within each of these six focus areas, there are various projects intiated. 

Good infrastruture in regards to road and public transport is of paramount importance to the Stavanger-region. The Stavanger Chamber will be an instigator, both for implementation and progression of exisiting projects, as well as looking at possible new projects. During 2016 the Chamber will focus attention on using public transport and construction projects to create a counter balance in the market for the Building and Contruction industry.
The right type of competence is the most important factor for success in the Stavanger-region. Innovation and interaction between the university, research facilities and the business sector is a priority. During 2016 the Chamber will work specifically towards creating this interaction between the university and business sector.
Preferred Living Conditions
Many aspects must be in place to attract competence and companies to this region. It must be a favorable place for people to live and work. The Chamber has produced a Preferred Living  Conditions report. This report will be central when we follow up and influence the most important regional plans concerning the county, concerning Forus and Stavanger City Centre.

The oil and gas industry will continue to be the main industry in the region for decades to come , and as such is at the forefront of the Chambers work. This industry needs the best environment possible  in order to succeed in the future. We will provide more meetings, seminars and networking arenas for the oil industry in 2016.  Among the most important are Energiåret in January and Oljeprisbarometeret. The main objectives of these conferences: Lean/streamlining and conditions.
The Boundaryless region
Todays municipal structure is counterproductive to development and the regions ability to adapt to change. The Chamber is working towards one large borough in Nord Jæren. We are working systematically towards the final hearing deadline in June. As a result we are able to express opinions to government through the County Governor. A collection of documentation is being assembled, as well as the mobilization of the diverse industry company members.
New Opportunities
The oil industry is still important , but there is so much more. Our project New Opportunities is aimed at stimulating change within the business sector. The focus is on Food, IT, Health technology and Renewable energy. Together with our working partners, the Chamber will pursue the ideas and projects created at various workshops held in autumn 2015.