About Stavanger Chamber International

Stavanger Chamber International (SCI) is a support program run by the Stavanger Chamber of Commerce. Our goal is to assist newcomers and their families adapt to Norwegian life in the best possible way. By providing the right support in the early stages of relocating, both employee and company will benefit greatly.

In this climate of global business and mobility, companies invest substantial amounts of money in re-locating families and individuals. In order to achieve the best possible return on this investment it is imperative that the expatriate and family integrate into their new environment and find their place in the new society.


SCI membership

The Stavanger Chamber of Commerce offers a company membership with SCI and the English programme. Companies pay a membership fee and the employees and families attend most of our events for free. The SCI membership includes seminars, social events, networking and a monthly newsletter. 


Membershipfees 2019

1-10 employees 5.250 NKR.

11-25 employees 7.750 NKR.

26-50 employees 10.500 NKR.

51-100 employees 21.000 NKR.

101-200 employees 26.000 NKR.

+200 employees 32.000 NKR.


Events and seminars

- Outdoor activites 
- Cross culture training
- Meetings regarding living in Norway (tax, housing, pensions etc.)
- Living and Working in the Stavanger Region Course days
- Cultural Awareness seminars
- Career support


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